Who are we

Cameroon Solidarity UK (CAS-UK) is a non-governmental, apolitical, not for profit organisation.


What we do

It is a painful fact that many members of our community when bereaved, face a financial challenge to repatriate their love ones home. Too often, the financial burden rest on their close relatives despite help received from friends.

We provide a community response by registering and managing a database of Cameroonians living in the UK. Our taget is for members to contribute as low as £2 to raise £10,000 for the next of kin in the event of any registered member passing away.


Our organisation/ teams

We are a working group using our members’ who are all of Cameroon origin, knowledge, experience and expertise in their field, we have set teams with the vision to drive Cameroon Solidarity UK forward and ensure that all registered members are free from the financial burden of repatriation costs.

·       Leadership team

·       Technical team

·       Marketing team

·       Members


Our strategy is to work in partnership with Cameroonians’ associations, groups  and individuals in UK. Members can register themselves or group members free of charge. Members are also encouraged to register their children who can contribute as less as £0.20 pey child.“Many children are now studying overseas and the parent may choose the UK as their final resting place”.

We have also made provision for individual membership type to ensure students and those who do not belong to groups can also benefit from the project.


Our Beliefs and values

We believe no Cameroonian in UK should be refused the option of sending his/her remains to his family back home.

Transparency: We value transparency that’s why our technical team has developed a donation page where all contributions will be seen by all members.

Inclusive: Our inclusive and best practice approach has enabled us to build a system and processes where all Cameroonians will have the same rights and benefits.


Our promise to our members

We will do whatever is possible to bring Cameroonians in the UK to support this project so that any compatriot who passes away could return home without any financial burden to his love ones.


How we collect your money

Once we ascertain that a member has passed away, we will open a new campaign that will give information about the members and the deadline line for contributions. The system will calculate how much we should each contribute and send email and text message through Telegram to all registered  members, (we recommend to all member to download this application free of charge, and follow CAS-UK channel: https://t.me/CASUK).

Logging into your individual page, you will be able to make your payment through a transparent portal where all donations could be seen for the open campaign.


How is your money paid?

At the end of the campaign, all the money collected is transferred to the deceased’s next of Kin. The next of kin information is kept confidential and can be updated any time by members.



We will rely on your generous donation to administer, maintain and upgrade our system.


Our Story

In the first quarter of the year 2017, the Cameroonian Community in the UK has been hit by three consecutive deaths. Following the death of Victorine Nankam, the idea of setting up this project was raised and discussed. At her wake keeping the family kindly approved to share this project with guests and invited the community for a general discussion the following day. At the general meeting we appealed for volunteer with different skills and background to join the project. A strong team of 20 Cameroonians volunteered and “The working group” was formed.


Our partnership with Associations/Group

Working in partnership with  all Cameroonian groups is an important part of our strategy and we do value all groups whatever their size and what they stand for.

Cameroonians associations have struggled over the years to keep a social fund big enough to cover the repatriation their members. Our product now relieve their members from the financial burden of  contributing huge amount of cash to hold or replenishing as social fund