Individuals (Members)

Individuals (members) in CAS-UK are those who do not belong to a Cameroonian association already registered with us as a Group.


If you are a student or a family living isolated in the country with minimum contact with the Cameroonian community, this solution is designed for you.

We understand that that most Cameroonians in the UK do not belong to any association which put the entire burden of their repatriation on their close friends and families’ members.

CAS-UK is created to alleviate this burden.


Why register with CAS-UK

No one is safe and no one knows when it will be time to breathe one last’s breath.

By registering with CAS-UK and keeping your contribution up to date when called upon to contribute, the group will ensure that your remains and those of your direct family members are returned home with no financial burden.

How to Join CAS-UK

For Aults or Students

For your dependent aged between 3-18 years



Note: Your data will be managed in compliance with the data protection act.