Traditionally payment to support bereaved members of our community happens at wake keeping events where friends and relatives organise a cash collection.

Although this method of fundraising has its merits, we have noticed that our busy lifestyle does not allow us to always attend such events even when we have been moved by the sad news.


In some cases, members of the communities have used fundraising pages to raise awareness and collect the funds especially when the deceased did not have enough community support. Unfortunately this method is very expensive some of these pages charges up to 30% of the amount collected. In addition, the donor has no information of what’s happening when the collection page closes.


In both cases, families are usually unable to raise the amount of money necessary to repatriate their love ones to Cameroon.


For these reasons, we have developed our own system where each registered members will have its own private page. When a member passes away, personal messages will be emailed, sms and Telegrammed to you with all information related to that specific campaign.

The message will provide the deceased details, the amount to pay and the timeframe allocated to the payment.


We have also developed our own payment platform where all the payments made are seen live.


At the end of the campaign all the money collected is transferred to deceased next of kin.



How to make a payment:

  1. Log IN
  2. Go Left to fetch 'All Open Campaigns' and Click on 'Contribute Now
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to reveal the summary of personal contribution (Adult + under 18 dependants) or ALL group members if Group Admin, and Total Amount
  4. Select payment method PayPal or Debit/Credit Card and proceed to secure payment plateform.
    • Example: Total contribution of a group of 5 by Group Admin  Example Total contribution of a group of 5 from Group Admin