CAS-UK (Cameroonian Solidarity)

CAS-UK Mission Statement


CAS-UK, (Cameroonian Solidarity UK) was set up by members of the Cameroonian community in the United Kingdom.

The main purpose of this group is to make sure that the remains of our loved ones are returned to Cameroon.

The return of the remains of our loved ones to our native land can be seen as a moral requirement in the Bantu civilisation.

In recent months, the Cameroon community of the United Kingdom has been bereaved by a succession of deaths.

We have seen an increasing number of impromptu deaths across all age groups.

Every time a member of the Cameroonian community has passed away in the UK, there has been a surge of solidarity, and this solidarity has often been spontaneous, without any sustained organisation or direction.

Organising the community response to face up to this challenge is the ultimate aim of CAS-UK.


The objective of CAS-UK is to organise this solidarity movement and make it more effective every time a member of the Cameroonian community passes away in the UK.

Each compatriot is called upon to contribute a small amount, which makes it possible to organise the repatriation of his/her remains to Cameroon.

CAS-UK intends to establish a database of a minimum of 2,000 members from the Cameroonian community in UK.

Our aim is to contribute up to £10,000 each time we lose one of our own.

The challenge is to reach the number of 5,000 members, which could reduce contributions to as low as £2 per adult member and about £0.20 per child.


Transparency is the key at CAS-UK.

Contributions are made through a collection site, which is attached to a PayPal account. At the end of the collection, this amount is immediately unblocked and transferred to the Next of Kin.  Contributions can be viewed publicly as it is happening, and members can see in real time the amount being contributed by others.

CAS-UK has pledged to do whatever possible and necessary to mobilise the Cameroonian's Community in the UK with the aim of sending back to Cameroon the remains of any member who passes away.

Fill in your membership application form today, and be part of this aspiring initiative 


We believe that “Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean